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Friday, 15 November 2013

{Paper Crown's Office featured in Domaine}

As I've got older (and hopefully wiser) and as I've cemented in my mind that there is no other industry I want to be apart of but design, I've become a bit fascinated by creative spaces and offices of design companies. I feel like a bit of a walking contradiction- I spent my whole life running from offices, as such, and now all I want is a space of my own; complete with dainty stationary, an inspiration board and enough table space to sit and talk about design ideas for people. But navy suits and neon highlighter pens still freak me out.
Be it interior design studios, craft workshops or fashion label head offices, I feel like there's always something that will inspire me. Fashion label Paper Crown(created by reality tv survivor Lauren Conrad, who, unlike many of her reality peers actually has a schooling in fashion, which is refreshing) is a few seasons in, and is obviously doing something right. It's wearable, modernised ladylike chic (I never, ever use the word "chic", by the way, but that just seems like the most accurate adjective for this collection) and it has a nice name- Paper Crown, yes? What I want to talk about is their office space, as featured in Domaine recently. It's beautifully designed, but most importantly, it's been designed with both staff and clients in mind. A lot of companies produce really great things, but without content staff and clients, they don't get very far.
Call me biased, but I truly believe that people work better and think more creatively in a nice space. And  by "nice", I mean not cluttered, comfortable and well planned out. And if it's a space where potential clients might pop in, you really should not underestimate the importance of a welcoming space. Your surroundings are a reflection of who you are. Who's going to want to do business with someone who's scatty and careless? So in the unlikely event that there are some CEO company masterminds reading a 23 year old's interior design blog (!), think of your office space as a crucial investment. Better working staff + clients who are more at ease = a better business.

The Office
Back to the Drawing Board
..And a space to Show and Tell
(All images from Domaine)
Check out the article and shop the look here.

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