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Friday, 22 November 2013

Friday Favourites 22/11/2013

Favourite scent;
 At first I just wanted this perfume for the adorably charming bottle that would look so cute on my dressing table but then I smelt it in real life and, oh! Such a lovely, rosey scent! It's very lady-like and floral and not unlike the ever popular 'Stella' by Stella McCartney. But to be honest, between the bottle and Anthropologie's description of it, even if it smelt like crap I'd probably still want it (yes, I'm THAT girl).
 "Inspired by The Grand Tour - a trip across Europe enjoyed by young ladies in the 19th century as a finishing course to their educations - this ethereal floral scent evokes rose gardens, high teas and happy accidents. Housed in an inkwell-inspired bottle and topped with a pincushion to enhance the air of Victorian-era romance." -Anthropologie's Editor's Notes
Favourite Adventure;
Spending my Monday walking around Chelsea, with a little money and a little agenda. I had never been to Chelsea, and had never spent a day in London on my own before, but I've always been the kind of person who craves a little solitary wander and a new discovery.. and Chelsea was just that for my this week. Lots of blogging, photos and lovey memories from my trip to come. Stay tuned!
Favourite quote;
-Dalai Lama
Favourite album;
I've been obsessed with Kacey Musgraves' sassy take on small-town America since seeing her last year in the Olympia Theatre Dublin opening for Lady Antebellum. And her first major-release album released earlier this year did not disappoint. The album title 'Same Trailer Different Park' (lyrics taken from her hit single, and lyrically genius- dare I say it- 'Merry Go Round') say it all, I think; Same country sound, different take on country life.
Favourite photograph;
This photo is one of very many I must have come across and saved to my laptop without searching for the artist's name. Please know that I mean no disrespect for anything I post without full credit to the artist on this blog. I just really love some stuff, and really want to share it.
Hope you have a lovely weekend, Louise... x

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