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Saturday, 9 November 2013

My first (and one day late) "Friday Favourites" 9/11/13

Favourite song;
My taste in music is very much a little bit country, so of course I stay up late to stream the CMA awards in the same way most people stay up for the Superbowl. This stripped-down, country/folk rendition of Red featuring Alison Krauss, Vince Gill, Sam Bush, Eric Darken and Edgar Meyer was reminiscent of the Taylor Swift I stumbled upon back in 2006 on YouTube before country got cool. And I liked it better that way.

Favourite place;
My room in my family home. Constantly reshuffling my large array of unnecessary-to-most-but-necessary-to-me stuff.

Favourite movie;
Admittedly I hadn't even heard about the buzz with this new Dame Judi Dench- Steve Coogan movie until I happened to tune into the radio one morning. When you hear radio-callers talk about the life that you could've lived had you been born 60 years earlier, you listen. In fact, as I left the cinema I saw an elderly woman crying so hard it really made me think about what it was like to be a young woman in Catholic Church run Ireland in the 20th century. This true-life story of life after a Madeline Laundry is one of the best films I've seen in ages; a perfect mix of funniness, sadness and unfortunate realness.

Favourite eat;
Molloy's Artisan Bakery and Fine Food Emporium in Roscommon town. When you live in rural Ireland, you sure get excited about places selling artisan produce, freshly baked goods and things that are fancy and French. So this places makes me very excitable. I've never ate something from here that I didn't love.

Favourite find;
When we were little, my siblings and I would hang our stockings outside our bedroom doors for Santa. He'd fill them with small random goodies, and when they had been filled, we knew that there was more waiting for us downstairs by the tree. I haven't hung a stocking since I grew up, but I'm hoping that this Free People creation might entice some chocolate coins, mandarins and mini bubble baths like when I was 7.

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