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Thursday, 10 May 2012

My 'Big Girl' kitchen wish list:

I'm moving into my first 'big girl' house soon, and I've been planning like crazy. Which, luckily, is my favorite hobby. Through college, I lived in four different houses and have experienced all too well how frustrating bad-quality kitchenware is. Everything was supplied when I moved in, and I was stuck with a huge abundance of junk every student tenant before me had bought cheaply, half-broken and left there. I swore never again! Thankfully I did have access to proper kitchenware- a set of those kitchy flame-colored Le Cruset saucepans and some very funky 1980's pieces were received as wedding gifts by my parents some twenty-five years ago and are still in everyday use. Investment, yo! Mind you, being the apprentice domestic goddess that I am, I've decided to go ahead and get me some pieces myself and rely on any wedding presents (because, unfortunately, homegirl could be waiting a long time. Sad face.) It seems I have expensive tastes though, so maybe I could hang on to the receipts so when I do get married I could just ask my guests to reimburse me?!? Well, you know what they say, there is no greater gift that the gift of giving...

MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market Enamel Tea Kettle
{My favorite thing on my list! I want one in every color. But I'll settle for the black one. And the green one.}

 {The good ol' fashioned cast iron skillet. So that I can make corn pone and pretend I'm Southern.}

Waring Pro blender
 {I make a lot of smoothies and soups, so I'll need a blender. Plus I want to be super eco-friendly, so I'll want a green one. ;) }

Bialetti coffee percolator 
{I love proper brewed coffee. And I just think these are so retro and cool.}

JME Mixing Bowl Set
{From my boy Jamie Oliver's line. A nice simple set. Lovely.}

Ruffoni Convivium Hammered Copper Soup Pot
{This is so beautiful and Frenchy that I'd use it everyday just so that I could keep it out on my stove.}

KitchenAid Stand Mixer in Majestic Yellow
{So yes, I've lived my whole life with a plain old hand-held whisk... But this is "Majestic Yellow"? We all need something majestic in our lives?}

Falcon Oblong Pie Dish
{This is one of the few things off my list that I actually have. Unsurprisingly, it's also the cheapest! #studentliving}

LeCruset set in Cobalt Blue
{Great investment set! Will last forever.}

Anthropologie apron
{Have this!}

Anthropologie oven mitts
{And have these!}
Dualit two-slice toaster
{...Because it's always nice a when life-time guaranteed breakfast companion looks good in the morning. ;) }

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