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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Fancy Parisian-Hotel style bathroom.

So, my goal in life is pretty much to live in an early twentieth century Parisian hotel. Nice, achievable goal, yes? Quintessential shabby chic; it's the juxtaposition between romantic simplicity and old fashioned grandeur that I just love. I always think it's an important concept to remember- to marry the livable with the beautiful. A little bit of vintage, shabby charm mixed with modern practicality makes for comfortable living. I'm constantly collecting images from interior design websites- these pictures come from House Beautiful. It's probably my favourite bathroom I've seen. 
{Break up the prettiness; leaning the mirror rather than formally hanging it adds some casualness, and the pharmaceutical style cabinet adds a subtle industrial quality.}
{The bathroom was inspired by those of five-star luxury hotel suites- and you'd know it. I love the addition of a cute, personal note; Monsieur and Madame "mats" have been created with inlaid mosaics.}

{Glass, chrome and marble are all wonderful reflectors for the lovely glow of the lighting fixtures; both the modern sconces and the antique chandelier.}

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