The Nesting Magpie

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

"Leave me alone today... I think I can remember who I was..."


"Where is "home"?
How can you miss a place that was gone so fast and maybe never really existed.
What is it that you really miss..........? 
Is it your mother falling asleep with you on the chair next to your bed?
Or your father lifting you up high on his horse and took that tall unpredictable world into his arms that you feared without a word? 
What's left of all that coziness, of the fog along the poppers outside
Do you even remember what poppers feel like? 
And linden trees and bloom??
Did you forget how much you needed to be read to, or to be worn out with kisses..?!
What happened you your red woolen slippers, your thick cardigans and those goofy headbands? 
Your need to climb trees? 
Your passion for grated apple?
Leave me alone today... I think I can remember who I was.........."


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Such soft sweet words that we often need to be reminded of. Thanks for sharing!

    Lacey xoxo

  2. Thank you Lacey for being the first person I don't know in real life to comment on my blog! I was beginning to give up hope that anyone would ever read it! :)