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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

{Round Foyer Tables}

The word 'foyer' is a bit fancy alright, but no matter how fancy, big or small your entryway is, you really shouldn't underestimate its impact. It's the first and last part of your home you will see as you go about your day, the first impression guests get of your home and the one room you must constantly pass through several times a day. I recently took a class in feng shui and learnt how it's considered unhealthy for the last step of your staircase to face right onto the front door as the outdoor energy will zoom on up the stairs and bypass the downstairs. Scepticism is okay, but when it comes to your home, family and health isn't is better to, where possible, be on the safe side? For most people, the idea of repositioning your staircase just because you read it on some chick's blog is a bit excessive, so lucky for you I have an alternative idea! Creating a block between your front door and your staircase in the form of a table is a practical, aesthetically pleasing and feng shui approved solution. It's also a perfect place to house some welcoming object like a vase of flowers, coffee table books and a catch-all for your keys and loose change. Check out some examples below.

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