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Saturday, 7 December 2013

{Emily & Meritt for PBteen}

Despite living in Ireland, I always keep one eye on foreign companies for inspiration, and really, just to see what's out there. As a budding designer I think it's important for me to familiarise myself with what large chains, accessible and affordable, are doing to influence trends in interior decorating. One of my favourites is Williams-Sonoma, Inc. which operates its foodies' dream of a namesake, as well as Williams-Sonoma Home, West Elm, Rejuvenation, Pottery Barn and its subsidiaries Pottery Barn  Bed & Bath and PBteen.  Yes it's a lot, but I regularly website-hop from one to the other, loving what I find.
One of my absolute favourite things happening in the world of design right now are designer-high street collaborations. Not only in fashion, but from Stella McCartney for Addidas to Alice Temperly for Filofax, it's nice to see our old reliables getting that extra special touch. When I heard that Pottery Barn's adolescent-aimed PBteen had teamed up with fashion designers and stylists to the likes of Emma Roberts, Jessica Alba and Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Current and Maritt Elliott I was excited to see what they would come up with. Designing teens' bedrooms can be tricky (probably like everything when it comes to teenagers! Says me, at the wise old age of 23..). They have to be grown-up, without being boring, and fun without being childish, as well as catering for whatever phase, craze or school days are taking precedence. I think this new collection hit the nail right on the head. It's current, without being too trendy, whimsical and just cutesy enough. Most importantly, it's adaptable and will grow with the teen (probably a lot more gracefully that any One Direction polyester duvet cover, to be honest).
The designer duo were recently featured on Elle, demonstrating how to add some personality and organization (yes, you can have them both!) to your vanity area, which I loved. I read some of the comments (reading comments on the internet; always an uplifting experience) and a few people felt the feature's look is a little too flea-markety and mismatched. Both of which excite me greatly, so this may be a tad biased.. but surely a livable, usable space for all your different bits and pieces is going to look a little jumbled? This is what a livable space is like for most people, so unless you want to hide everything you have away, organizing and categorizing your stuff into cute containers and trays is crucial for a harmonious space. I like to think of the home as a bit of a "This is Your Life" exhibition, and I love to see some personality in decor. NOTE; "Personality" means favourite old hardbacks, photographs and treasured objects- NOT a mess of trash, dust-covered, forgotten-about products and the last six months worth of supermarket flyers. That's just being messy. And there's a difference.



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