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Monday, 14 October 2013

{Pretty in Pink}

According to my nifty little book on colour psychology, pink is the colour of nurturing love; very warm and welcoming and because it's the first colour we see in the world (in the womb) it's maternal and comforting. Probably why everything from Baby Born's logo to many cushy bedding companies make use of its association.
For these reasons, pink is a very personal colour. Depending on the tone, it can either calm the mind of encourage feminine pride. Either way, it is suited very well to a bedroom or bathroom or even a dressing room; a personal space in which you nurture yourself.
Mind you, bringing some of this energy into other areas in your home can have wonderful effects on how you feel in your home. As a home, of course, is supposed to be a personal place of warmth and sanctuary. Try bringing in elements of pink here and there if you're not sure- you might be pleasantly surprised!
 I admit pink is not really I colour I always feel confident using a lot of. This is probably because I grew up when hot pink was, well, hot, and I now sometimes associate it with glitter, and being  12 years old. Which is fine... when you're 12 years old. But lately I've been seeing how pink can look so sophisticated, and not being too feminine or loud. Hopefully this can inspire you to incorporate the a warm, loving pink into your home without feeling a bit 30-going-on-13!
                    -Love, Louise

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