The Nesting Magpie

Thursday, 26 April 2012

What is it about tents that are just so cool?

Not so much a 'tent' as these are 'forts of love and adventure'. I love how nostalgic and romantic the notion of indoor fort-building is. Like, as if once inside; you're safe where you belong.

(apartment therapy)
(hooked on houses)
{Indoor tent from The Holiday. That movie encouraged three significant moments of self-discovery for me; that I love Jude Law, that I want to be English, and that I want to live in a tent like this one. With all the glittery stars.}


(happines is)

And you know, anyone can make one. A variety of sheets, old curtains, tablecloths or unused fabric remnants in mixed color and pattern are all great for adding whimsy and interest to the 'walls'. Hanging birdcages, lanterns, fairylights and homemade streams of  paper hearts make it lovely. And tea, of course. Lovely cups of tea...

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